Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies

Expert wedding hair and makeup styling services

Le Salon provides full hair treatment and makeup application services for wedding ceremonies. Bridal hair design is one important way of preparing for the big moment of the wedding, and it’s always best to leave your hair in the hands of a licensed expert haircare specialist. Simply tell one of our stylists about your wedding dress, decor and flowers, and how you want to wear your hair and our artists will create a signature look for you that’s sure to ensure a magical wedding.

You will have the options of a same day, on-site wedding hair expert to style you as you’re getting ready, or you can come into the salon to have a custom look crafted - with a complete step-by-step guide to the techniques and products for the hairstyle and makeup plan that you can provide your stylist with on the big day. We additionally proudly perform full hair treatment services for bridesmaids, as well for pre-wedding bachelorette celebrations. We understand that one’s wedding is one of the major days of one’s life - so when you come to us, we really make the magic happen.

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