Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Organic Color Systems is the first range of permanent hair colors made from the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals to color and care for your hair as naturally as possible. These uniquely effective Color, Care and Control ranges work together as a perfect system to create naturally healthier hair with longer lasting color. In order to achieve the outstanding results of this incredible hair care system, we encourage clients to use AquaBoost Moisture treatment, PowerBuild treatment, Revamp Protein treatment for their hair type once a week to heal and nourish hair naturally. We are not trying to sell you products, we are passionate about keeping your hair and scalp healthy with our organic hair care system.

A Kind, Honest Approach to Beauty

Our objective as a professional haircare salon is to provide high quality services at reasonable prices, and provide clients with the expertise of over 20 years of professional international industry experience.

Our approach is to bring out the true beauty of each individual without attempting to mask or conceal the unique attributes that make every individual unique. We additionally advise customers on makeup and eyebrow shape, with an direct eye on youth and individual needs. As an aesthetic principal we believe in balancing hair tones to your unique skin and eye tones, as well as according to the seasons.

When it comes to haircuts, we understand hair being like the frame of a painting. It must fit and complement the shape of your head as well as your facial features. We will analyze exactly what you’re going for, and craft you a look that accentuates your favorite features and compliments your general appearance. Forever innovators, our salon always takes a fresh and dramatic approach to crafting uniquely beautiful looks for our clients.

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