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Le Salon is an expert hair salon dedicated to providing superior service and personal attention in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. We specialize in organic coloring and keratin smoothing treatments (without formaldehyde). Our focus is to provide our clients with the vast benefits of our certified natural and organic haircare system, coloring, and revitalizing hair to a transformative level, while staying safe and natural.

Le Salon’s Organic Hair Color Systems

Our Organic Color Systems are the first range of long-lasting, permanent hair colors containing certified organic extracts and natural ingredients, which have been formulated to cover all gray hair. Organic Color Systems can not only do everything that a traditional ammonia-based color range can do – it can do more. Hair becomes more shiny, natural looking, softer – with zero color fade, and endless possibilities of colors.

Why Our System Works Better

Traditional coloring systems deploy harsh ammonia (or lately, ethanolamine) in order to achieve the outstanding results of this incredible hair care system, we encourage clients to use AquaBoost Moisture treatment, PowerBuild treatment, Revamp Protein treatment for their hair type once a week to heal and nourish their hair naturally at home.

Le Salon’s Organic Color Systems are different. We include zero ammonia or ethanolamine, and ensure that the base of our colors are only mildly alkaline, as well as being a powerful conditioning agent – so hair becomes softer as it gets colored, with the aid of natural botanical extracts from the land and sea – including chamomile, sunflowers, and seaweed. There’s simply no safer and more effective way to color your hair – all while transforming and revitalizing it in the process.

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