Thermal 2 Twenty

Thermal 2 Twenty



Thermal 2 Twenty is a revolutionary new styling product, designed to protect hair up to temperatures of 220°C/428°F. Regular use of thermal styling appliances such as straighteners, tongs, etc. subject the hair to high temperatures, which can damage the hair by removing moisture. The hair is left dry, brittle and fragile, often causing the hair to break. In addition, the proteins in hair can become unstable and the hair’s structure can be affected. Hair, therefore, requires protection from such damaging effects of heat. Thermal 2 Twenty is designed to prevent such damage from occurring. Thermal styling raises the cuticle of the hair, which can create friction during combing.

Thermal 2 Twenty improves the smoothness of the hair’s surface and reduces friction, which allows for easier combing.

Furthermore, it protects against significant loss of hair strength caused by heat. Finally, Thermal 2 Twenty also offers mild hold properties. For more intense conditioning, leave Thermal 2 Twenty on the hair for five minutes before styling. Overall hair is protected from considerable damage, is easier to comb and dry / straighten. Hair is left smooth, straight and glossy.

Directions: Apply to clean, towel dried hair and comb through before blow drying or straightening.

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