Balayage Highlights in New York City

Providing The Best Balayage Highlights in NYC

Le Salon employs a team of licensed highlight gurus, fully prepared to illuminate and transform your hair according to your subtle and precise specifications. Whether you’re looking for full or partial color coverage, or a head of highlights or lowlights. Our salon treats each client’s hair goals almost like an artist treats a painting in progress; simply watch as your hair is custom lightened with an undetectable and seamless color gradient in the shades of your choice. We can provide a stark and dramatic contrast, or a subtle and fully natural look. Our highlighting treatments are available complete with blow dry service in order to complete your total hair transformation. Whether you’re looking for highlights or balayage treatments, LE Salon NYC provides the best balayage highlights in NYC.

Best Blonde Highlights in NYC by LE SalonNYC in midtown Manhattan

Ombre and Balayage (Ombre and hair painting)

In addition to our traditional highlighting systems, we provide Ombre hair color gradation which can be grown out and retouched as necessary, as well as Balayage highlighting, which is hand painted onto hair with a sweeping motion. This system is fully customizable according to your aesthetic desire, and can provide both natural looking black and brunette shades, to strong-impact intense blondes.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is French for sweep or to paint. Balayage gives your hair a more natural sun-kissed hair color. The idea of this type of highlight is to create a more natural look while still giving your hair a color that is more vibrant and healthy.

How Is It Applied?

Balayage is applied lightly on the surface of your hair so that it is not saturated through the section until the very tips of your hair. Balayage is more of a freehand technique because there is no foil involved in the process to create this type of highlight.

How To Maintain Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights does not require much maintenance. This is because it is to look as natural as possible. Your hair will grow out naturally and will not give you obvious regrowth lines. This allows you to wear it for longer between your appointments. The best way to retain your color is by using a protecting shampoo and conditioner.


Service Price
Full head highlights 250
Full head highlights and blow dry 290
Half head highlights 180
Half head highlights and blow dry 220


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