Keratin Protein Treatment

Keratin Protein Treatment

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Our organic keratin protein treatments is a system free from formaldehyde, as well as the entire bevy of nasty chemicals commonly included in keratin treatments. Formulated with cysteamine, natural keratin, as well as a collection of natural and organic extracts and oils, our organic keratin protein treatments will help strengthen, straighten, and naturally relax frizzy or out of control hair. A technically complex treatment, our process will help your hair “re-learn” the way it naturally falls, leaving you with a flawless and relaxed appearance. Our expert hair technicians are schooled in the most efficient, precise, and safe methodology for application of keratin protein treatments, so when you come to Le Salon, you know you’re receiving the highest quality service in the entire industry. Watch as unmanageable or frizzy hair is transformed to sleek, smooth, and shiny perfection before your eyes - and all with the help of natural and organic ingredients!

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