Skin Sensitivity Test

Skin Sensitivity Test — Our Recommendations

We recommend that all clients come in 24 hours in advance of a scheduled coloring treatment to perform a screen sensitivity test in our salon, through our Organic Color Systems Sensitivity Kit. This is a safe way of ensuring that you won’t experience any adverse reactions to our dyes. While we use an organic-based coloring system which avoids the harsh chemicals commonly used in other salons, we still want to make sure that clients with extra sensitive skin have as pleasing results as possible.

Hair colorants can cause allergic reactions. We recommend avoiding coloring if you:

  • Have a rash or irritation on your scalp.
  • Have experienced reactions after dying your hair.
  • If you’ve reacted to getting a ‘henna tattoo’ in the past.

Our Skin Sensitivity Test

First, we wash a tiny area of skin on the inside of your elbow or between your shoulder blades. Then we gently dry it, and apply a small amount of the color solution to your skin, and allow it to dry. We leave the color on the skin for 2 hours before rinsing it off, then wait at least 24 hours before carrying out the coloring treatment. If you experience any redness, itchiness, soreness, or irritation, wash off the color, and we will help find you a gentler alternative treatment.

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