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  • Le Salon New York | Organic Color Salon
    Welcome to Le Salon - New York's Only Exclusively Organic Salon Hair health before hair style Certified Organic Hair Colorists Hair Restoration and chemical-free creativity Beauty and style without having to sacrifice your health and wellness

    Complimentary Consultation

    If you wish to find out more about our unique approach and products, or if you have already decided to commit to our system and treatments to transform your hair, we will begin with a complementary consultation to determine exactly which approach is uniquely right for you.
    You will quickly see that we are careful to share all the facts with you. There will be no tension, and no pressure; everything we suggest and do will be in your best interest. We will teach you how to wash your hair and how to use the Organic Care System products we suggest for you. Please remember that if you are willing to commit to using and maintaining the System, you will get consistent results. It’s a commitment worth making, for us and for you.

    Health and Beauty - You No Longer Have to Sacrifice One for the Other

    LeSalon offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to hair health using an integrated and scientifically engineered organic system designed to produce an outcome impossible to achieve with chemicals. Utilizing a delicately balanced formulation of 100% certified organic ingredients, LeSalon achieves better-than-professional results without the damaging toxic chemicals contaminating other salons. Now, discerning clients seeking to look beautiful while preserving the structural integrity of their hair and not contaminating their bodies with toxic chemicals have a choice. That choice is Le Salon.